I became a Beachbody coach almost by accident. A friend at work was doing the Insanity program at lunch and invited me to join. That summer, 5 days a week, we worked our way through the program. It was TOUGH –there were times when I wondered why I was doing it! But the feeling of accomplishment after each workout and each fit test kept me motivated.  I was gaining strength and endurance that I never knew I had. But I was overweight by almost 40 pounds and I wasn’t really losing weight. So I checked out Team Beachbody and hooked up with a coach.

My coach helped me tweak my program and get the most out of it. Once I started following her advice, the pounds started melting away! It was amazing and I felt great!  I didn’t feel as though I had the expertise to really help anyone else, but I joined Beachbody as a coach anyway, only for the discount (which is pretty great all by itself!).  I gained an incredible community of positive, motivated, supportive individuals who propel me forward every day. And even more amazing is that I discovered over time that sharing my experience and what I have learned on my own journey actually helped my friends, old and new. I was coaching before I even realized I was doing it! Four more programs later (P90x, Brazil Buttlift, TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme) and I now have a thriving fitness business alongside my “day job” and I love every minute of it. I am part of an amazing team, and we are always looking to add more motivated people who have a passion for helping people. Contact me by email, facebook, or twitter, and I’ll tell you more about it!

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