What in the World is a Garlic Scape?

As the garlic plant is growing, it will produce a little stalk.  In order to make sure that plan energy goes into making the bulb rather than the flower, you have to snap off the stalk before it flowers.  This is called a garlic scrape.


Before joining a CSA ten years ago in Vermont, I had never heard of a garlic scape.   I got a bunch in my share and had to figure out what to do with them! They are in season only a short amount of time (generally in June).  They have a lovely fresh garlicky flavor and are wonderful in salads, stir fried, or anything you might add garlic to.  Since garlic scapes come from garlic, they contain they same nutrients: antioxidants allicin and vitamin C, which are involved in heart health; Selenium, a mineral that protects against heart disease and maintains healthy skin.

I had a bunch and decided to make garlic scrape pesto tonite, adapted from a recipe forwarded from a friend. This takes no time at all to make!

Toasted Almond Garlic Scape Pesto20130706_175519

One bunch (about 10) garlic scapes, cut into pieces
One bunch italian parsley, washed and trimmed of stems
A handful of toasted slivered almonds
The juice of one lemon
Approx 1/4 c olive oil (I have to admit that I didn’t measure)
Dash of Himalayan salt, to taste

Blend all in a food processor until it forms a paste.
Enjoy on pasta, as a sandwich spread, on crackers,

original recipe found here: Log Cabin Cooking

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