I Don’t Have Time To Work Out!!

TIME. That’s the biggest obstacle to fitness that I hear every day, and its one that I have to admit that I struggle with EVERY DAY. Believe me, if anyone gets it, its me. I’m a busy mom with a demanding career, and a second job as a coach. I volunteer at the school, am a Girl Scout Leader, and am very active in my professional organization. My work has me on the road at least once a month, and some months more. I am BUSY. And tired. And stressed out sometimes. Sometimes I feel as though I am on one of those hamster wheels–the faster I run, the faster I have to run to keep up!

Sound familiar?

T25 Get it done in 25 minutes a day

But here’s the thing. If you wait for there to be time to work out, you will never get to that big goal. You’ll never get into that bathing suit in time for the cruise or that dress in time for the wedding. You will never know what it feels like for your clothes to fit loosely. You’ll never know the feeling when you push yourself to the limit during a workout and you are done and exhausted and feel STRONG, like you can take anything that this life throws at you and YOU ARE IN CONTROL. When you realize that is when it will all change, for the better.

Want to get CONTROL of your life? Make the time. Take the Challenge. You won’t regret it.


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