June Beachbody Sale–ONE WEEK ONLY!

June Beachbody Sale!!

Just have to share with my friends–this week only–all products pictured on sale, while quantities last!! Last time TurboFire was on sale, it sold out in 24 hrs.

Product info:
Ultimate Reset: Was $199– NOW $129!!! I have done this twice and have had great results. Its now a twice a year reset for me. I lost 12 lbs the first time, and 9 the second time, and, more importantly, it lowered my cholesterol by 20 points, helped me sleep better, and made me so much more attuned to how the food I eat impacts how I feel.

Energy & Endurance Formula $47.95
This is a must for super intense workouts like Insanity or Asylum. It gives you that extra boost to get through the workout.

RevAbs Only $39.95!
If you are looking for a total abs solution, this product is it. Do the workouts and follow the meal plan to lose that spare tire and show off your abs at the pool or beach this summer!

The P90x Chin-Up BarNow $39.95.
I admit it. I was the girl who could never pass the Presidential Physical Fitness test because I couldn’t do a chin up. NOT ONE. But that’s not me today! If you want to get your upper body buff to show off in tanks and strapless tops this summer, do some chin ups. And get the bar while its on sale! Its easy to install at home and you won’t regret it.

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series only $29.99!!
BBL (as we fans loving call it) is NO JOKE! When I first heard of this program I thought it sounded too ‘girly’ and I wanted no part of it. Then I tried it and can’t decide if Leandro is a genuis or a sadist because my glutes have never burned so much as when I do one of his workouts. The music is fun and I dance my way through it, feeling the burn all the way. He’s going to get you that hot bum-bum (pronounced boom-boom) and you will have fun doing it.

Body Gospel only $17.95!
If you are looking for a faith-based fitness product, you have found it. Donna Richardson Joyner has put together a program with motivating music and message, reminding you of both your fitness goal and your higher purpose. This might be the right combo for you to finally get it right! And talk to me about how to get a fit club going at your church and inspire your friends and family to lose weight with faith!

Fitness Step $59.95
kick up those workouts by adding a step. Great for aerobics or combined weight/cardio workouts.

TurboFire NOW $53!!
Chalene Johnson is SO inspiring and motivating, and TurboFire is a program that consistently delvers results. Upbeat dance and cardio kickboxing moves, with high intensity intervals (HIIT) that reamp up your metabolism like you would not believe. This workout is in my regular rotation. Even if I don’t have time for a workout, a 15 minute TurboFire HIIT will burn up to 500 calories and start my day out right. This product always sells out when on sale so get it fast!

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