Resetting…the first day


My very full fridge prepared to Reset!!

For the last week, we have been preparing to start the Ultimate Reset.   I did this cleanse program last August, and was thrilled with the results, so I’m really excited to be doing it again. I’ll be chronicling this journey here, on facebook and on instagram, with lots of pictures of the food and commentary on the process.  After eight weeks of business travel and the excesses of the holiday season and vacation, its time to get my body back on track and feeling great. What’s so cool about the reset is that it is SO much more than a diet or cleanse. Its a whole body/mind program that balances your PH, reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins, and helps you to return to a state of mindfulness around your body. It a fantastic program to do this time of year when I’m thinking about goals and plans, already working towards a more reflective way of being on a day to day basis.  The recipes are delicious, and actually pretty simple to prepare–there is a fair amount of veggie chopping and preparation, but you get used to it after the first week.

Alkalinize...some take this like a tequila shot, w/ a lemon, I don't think its that bad. Think grass clippings. Not delicious, but not heinous.

This is called alkalinize…I know people who have to take this like a tequila shot, with a lemon, but I don’t think its that bad. Think grass clippings.

The program entails a very specific meal plan, enormous amounts of mineralized water,  specific supplements, and no exercise.  I will admit that for me, the no exercise thing is a little scary if you have an established routine, but its actually really great because I am using that time to both prep the meals I need and be reflective about the process. Oh, and trips to the bathroom too. (Its 9pm and I’ve had about 90 ounces of water today so far–I have not had to pee so much since I was pregnant!)

Scrambled eggs and...KALE? Its not bad, actually.

Scrambled eggs and…KALE? Its not bad, actually.

Designed to wean you off both meat and dairy, the first week has a meal with chicken and a meal with salmon, and then after week one the program goes completely vegan (There are options for the meals if you are already vegan) I am a huge foodie and the first time I did it, I was very concerned that I would miss things.  But the recipes are so good that I really didn’t.

So–Day One report–a little bit of a hectic start, prepping the food this morning and getting everyone out the door on time–including me.  And taking the time to eat breakfast is a change–I usually drink my shakeology at work so I don’t need to eat at home. But I did my best to eat…slowly, calmly, chewing fully, and appreciating the food. Can be hard in the midst of school morning chaos, but it was ok. My little oasis of kale and eggs.

The rest of the meals went pretty swimmingly, and I am actually stuffed.  Now, if I can just get to bed before midnight, I’ll be doing great (wish me luck)!

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