3.9, Impatience, & Feeling Badass

3.9: That’s the number of pounds I gained on a 10 day vacation.  Add to that the 3 lbs I was already over due to 8 weeks in a row of business travel and exercise slack and you have…yup, you guessed it…muffin top! Its a little muffin top but baked goods are not in the plan for the new year.

So January is about kicking myself back into high gear and focus. Its off to a great start and I am looking forward to three things this month that will move me forward in my fitness–

First–I’m hosting a challenge group this month with some of my favorite friends/customers to help everyone start off the new year on the right fitness foot. I host challenges every month, but there’s something about a January Challenge that fires me up a bit more.  I LOVE being surrounded by people who are excited and working towards a goal. Its so much fun to help people reach their goals–all of us motivating and supporting each other. and it seems that the more I help others the more motivated I become myself and its just awesome.  I can’t wait to see where everyone is in 30 days!


Second–I got a really cool christmas gift (though it hasn’t arrived yet, and its still not here today, no matter how many times I open the front door to see if there are any packages). Bowflex Select Tech weights: I have been drooling over these weights for a year, ever since I first did ChaLEAN Extreme (my soulmate workout). I always go to the gym on weight days during this program because I have only a couple of wimpy 3-5 lb weights and even though you CAN do it with bands, I feel so much more badass when I’m lifting weights (and its all about feeling badass, isn’t it? well, that keeps ME motivated, anyhow!). I don’t have room right now for a home gym, but I can keep these in my living room without a problem. I’m hoping that they will arrive soon, before the 9th when I start on the third thing I am looking forward to this month…The Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day detox and cleanse that reclaims the body’s natural balance, releases any harmful toxins, and restores the system to its maximum health.  I did it once before, in August, and had fantastic results, and plan to do it twice a year from now on. It provides more energy, better focus, weight loss, and improved digestion and overall health.  It balances your PH and reduces inflammation. It’s NOT a starvation diet, or a harsh laxative or colon cleanse. Its whole fresh foods and supplements combined with a mindfulness program that leaves you feeling amazing. Oh, and did I mention that you aren’t allowed to exercise during the Reset? Only light yoga or stretching, or light walking are allowed.  No weights.

So, UPS guy, I know that the package is heavy and I am really sorry but….HURRY UP!!! I’m starting in a week and I want to feel badass NOW or I will have to wait 3 weeks!!!!

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